Tuesday 2 June 2020, 15:00 – 16:30 CEST


The Technique | Read the corresponding chapter here


Ricarda Steinbrecher | EcoNexus, UK | more infos here




The idea to alter species in the wild or to eradicate unwanted species is not new. Nor is the idea to genetically modify a species, to make it pass on these changes and traits to all its off-spring and to then release it into the wild. But until recently the technological capacity to do so was a mere fantasy, a dream. This has changed drastically with the arrival of the “genome editing” tool CRISPR/Cas. The first laboratory breakthrough – celebrated as a “mutagenic chain reaction” – showed its potential power as well as its problems and limitations. This webinar will explain gene drive technology and the science behind it, as well as looking at its shortcomings, hurdles, and risks. It will also give an up-to-date overview of current technology developments.